Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What I'm Getting for Valentine's Day

First of all, we are not a mushy couple. We don't do much for each other on Valentine's Day. We have three girlios who do daily crafts, and there is so much pink, purple and red in my house we practically live in Valentine's Day. My husband gives the girlios gifts every year* as my dad did for me when I was a kid, and I fondly remember. The girlios get a little chocolate and a piece of clothing. Clothing is normally clearance during February (bonus), and we figure it lasts longer than candy. They use it and remember when they got it.

Anyway, we do ask each other what we want for Valentine's Day. Some years I've gotten jewelry and, there is definitely chocolate. I couldn't resist getting B a mug this year that says "A beer for my dear." I told my husband that I wanted a marathon for Valentine's Day. I don't know which one because we don't know when we'll pick up our son, I start PT tomorrow, and things are up in the air. I have my mind on Grandma's or Milwaukee. I'd just like to do one marathon this year.

I work part-time five days a week usually at night. For the last couple days, I've been coming home from work to a cleaner house. The clothes are put away. The dishes done. Everything is tidied. My husband asked me last night if I figured out the gift that he's been working on. I said, "A clean house."

He said "Well, partly. You said you wanted a marathon for Valentine's Day. I'm giving you the gift of time. If I get these things done, you will have more time to workout, train, or get other things done."

This morning I came downstairs, and the more organized house settled me. Things I would do first thing in the morning are done. I already notice more time. Quite a gift.

He is such a keeper.

Imagine this all over my house all year round :)

*Ok, I buy them, but I'm the shopper.


  1. I totally get the pink/purple infestation in a house filled with girls.

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