Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching Up

In reading other people's blogs, I've learned that I'm a terrible blogger. I have several posts floating around in my head. The time it takes to get them out of my head is longer than the time I have. I have great respect for the bloggers that post every day. Right now, it's not me. So I'll blog as my schedule allows. And honestly if it's a choice between blogging and running, I tell you about the run later.

So on my time off, my mandatory vacation, on the injury list, I did a lot of nothing, for at least a week. The pain localized, felt like a stitch healing and then just became a "feeling." I can still feel it or think I can. I'm very sensitive to it. As a family we hiked through the Great Smoky Mountains during spring break. With little girlios, it didn't demand a lot from me except patience. I ran a few times there. The hills were good for me. Lately, I've been adding mileage.

Last week I ran 23 miles. Five days a week. Too much. I'm back to resting. The previous week I ran 20 miles in just two runs, a 9 miler and an 11 miler. I felt pretty good that week, great actually. Last week's long run left me with "the pain." This week I'm going back to two or three days. I'm feeling it out.

The Pittsburgh Half Marathon is in a week and a half. I'll finish it. I won't be pretty or a PR, but with enough rest, it will be fun. I'm still undecided about Grandma's Marathon in June, leaning toward a DNS. Unlike my last three marathons, which I completed within a 13 month span and adhered strongly to my training plans, sometimes exceeding the mileage, this one, if I choose to do it, will be by feel. It could go very badly. If I push, it could go even worse. My mind has shifted to the Omaha Marathon in September. I'm excited about that one. One of my dearest dearest friends lives there. She's one of those friends that taught me just by being who she is as a person and a mother. I'm a terrible correspondent, really a terrible long distance friend. I don't call, barely write and just wish thoughts were transferable because I think of her and her family often. I'm excited to visit, catch up and see her new town on foot.

So many friends are doing races in these next few weeks. I'm so excited for them. Some are running their first marathons or first halves. Exciting. All healthy or close. It's invigorating. The energy at races makes me smile. For the first time, I'm injured. Injured enough to know that it's going to be a while until I get back to everyday running. Between the excitement are pangs of envy. I feel like the little sister who wants to catch up but can't. My injury doesn't lend itself to riding bikes or walking. Long strides are killer. I'm hesitant to do a DVD with a variety of exercises. It's a very mellowing injury. As the general population would be happy running twice a week, I can't wait for something more. When summer comes, I want to move! Snow in the forecast this weekend reminds me that the weather still has a ways to go, just like me.

One thing I do know about little sisters, with four girlios in the house, is that catching up is possible. It's just a matter of time. While in the Great Smoky Mountains this spring break, I took off down the trail calling my girls to follow. I took my pace easy because I'm injured. G1 and G2 ran with me. There was great crying between G3 and G4 in falling behind with Dad. To my great surprise, G2 surpassed G1 and me. And she sustained it. I would not have made that bet from the previous summer. She had no desire to catch up, and now a season later, her legs stretched.

I hope the same for myself. For this season, I'll watch and heal, readying myself to catch up and hopefully take flight.

Just taking everything in stride, like my race day shirt says.