Friday, February 7, 2014

The DNS and the Podiatrist

So 2014 starts out with a DNS. For those of you playing along at home, a DNS is did not start, and a DNF is did not finish.The Frozen Gnome 10k was not to be. I have not yet had a DNF that I can remember, but I know that it can happen to anybody, just like a DNS. And although they both evoke feelings, there should be no shame in them. At least that's what I tell myself.

This is not my first DNS. I signed up for the Chicago Marathon twice long ago, once prehusband and once dating husband. Injury took me out both times, and I didn't even go down to pick up my packet. I have called myself a two time 'contributor' to the Chicago Marathon. I didn't know the term DNS at that time. In fact, back then I gave up the thought of the marathon. My body couldn't do it. Little did I know that a decade and a half later I'd have six marathons under my belt.

I also had a DNS for the American Birkibeiner cross country ski race a few years back. It's coming up this month in Hayward Wisconsin. That DNS was the weekend that I learned about pink eye. My father has done the Birkie for many many years. That year was his 25th Birkie. The race is 50K+ long and I find it pretty amazing that he's done it for more than 25 years. In fact, my dad's marathon PR is better than my PR, and he was in the 60-65 age group. I really wanted to do it with him as my first Birkie. My girlios all had fevers and nastiness oozing from their eyes. Since I'd never had or seen pink eye I just cleaned it with tissues. Then when I asked the nurse about it she practically yelped and told me to bring them in right away. I thought I'd dodged it. The day we were supposed to leave to go up north with all the girlios on antibiotics, I couldn't open my eyes and felt horrible. It was awful. My antibiotics didn't kick in until the day of the race. DNS and still at home in bed.

So my foot pain was really annoying. I went to the doctor early in January. I met with the PA, and it was one of those conversations between a runner and a nonrunner.

"I run about 500 miles on a pair of shoes"

Eyes widen

"It hurt intermittently before my marathon in November"


"I've put about 100 miles on the new shoes, and it still hurts"

I've got to go talk to the other PAs.

And then I got a referral to the podiatrist. The PAs okayed me for the race, but I didn't want to start at square one. It still hurt to stand. I got a new pair of shoes for flat footed runners and put my feet in shoe prison.

I have not run since New Years Day. The pain in my foot has diminshed greatly. I did go to the podiatrist. As so many things, the problem wasn't the problem. My calf is the problem, and it causing tendinitis in my foot. The podiatrist was kind enough to say that the "older models" need a bit more up keep. I want to keep running and was happy to have some direction to keep this machine running. He recommended a topical anti-inflammatory, custom inserts and PT.

After much insurance checking, calling up and down the chain, (still) trying to find childcare and resting up, appointments have been made, and I can see running again on the horizon. In the meantime, I'm excited to hit the pool tomorrow as I have been okayed for cycling and swimming. I'm even wearing my sandals around the house some days.

I've made some changes on the blog and am trying to beautify it all up. In my time off, I've been cooking, crafting and soapmaking. When Spring finally breaks, I want to play outside.

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