Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Off on the Wrong Foot at PT

So this week was my first week of PT, and I have to admit that I was a little nervous about going. I've never been to PT before and didn't know what to expect. I can say now that I have a very nice physical therapist, Josh, and although it may seem so at the time he is not out to destroy me.  At our initial visit he asked questions, took measurements and checked my flexibility and strength. Then he gave me exercises to do and walked me through all of them. Most of the exercises involved doing things that I have avoided doing because it is painful and then extending them fully deep into the movement. I had to concentrate hard and at one point I broke a sweat. It stirred up the pain pot known as my right foot.

After this, in the last 10-15 minutes, I get put on the electrical stimulus machine. I know you are thinking, "It's about time." Not that kind. Electrodes are attached on either side of the affected tendon and an electrical charge pulsed through the tendon in an effort to force the inflammation and stagnant fluid to move. I know this because I asked. I'm like a little kid. "What are you doing?" "Why?" "What does that do?" I try to restrain myself, but I get so curious. I do this often. Salon. Restaurants. Doctors. "So what do you do?" "What does your day look like?"

Back at PT, he put an ice pack around my foot during stimuli and gave me a lecture on soreness. I only really paid attention later in the day when my foot felt like a hot achy mess. I drove a lot that day and stood to teach. Stirring up the pain pot. I had to do the exercises again before I went to bed. I slept hard and woke up exhausted the next day. It was amazing how much energy was expended from those exercises.

As I've gone back Josh adds new exercises with the old strengthening my hip flexors, quads, and my ankle. He's worked on my foot and my calves. I've done my best not to yelp, but I have not been able to hide my scowl. I have more work ahead of me but I've already noticed how much better my foot feels throughout the day. My foot is not as flexible as the other one; there is work to do.

One of  the things I've noticed about this healing process is how hard it is take time to take care of me. I've been chastised by the podiatrist for not putting on my pain/inflammation cream 3x a day. "When am I going to fit that in?" I thought. It's a cream and takes two minutes. Ridiculous, but sometimes the day flies by. Now I have exercises that take 20 - 30 minutes 2x a day. I am supposed to things 20 times. Honestly, on many exercises I get interrupted somewhere around 10, and I'm not sure how many I do. Finding time and girlio care for my 1.5 hour appt 2x a week has also been stressful. Where am I going to find that kind of time? I am very thankful for the help. I feel so selfish. It does feel very selfish.

I guess running is selfish too. I'm trying to be patient because this is what I've got to do to get back out there and be strong.


  1. I disagree that running is selfish. It's a hobby. Is having a hobby, selfish?

    And you are not selfish to take care of you. I wonder if you could get the girlios involved doing the exercise too so they don't bug you :) Hope they are feeling better!

    1. Muah! Thanks Kim. I agree that taking care of myself is not selfish, but it is still hard. We are all feeling better and I hope we stay that way :)

  2. Oh don't think that it is selfish! You deserve to be healthy and happy! Plus not being in foot pain will make your day better!