Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Week in Review

23 miles
3 days of yoga pants and no yoga

It was tough week. We had sickness this week. Since we didn't have any tissues in the house we just had it coming. Every one in the family has had something. I don't think it's the flu but a virus that has made the rounds. I ran on Tuesday with Carrie and Kate from the running club. After three miles I felt awful. I thought I had eaten too much meat with dinner before the run. One of my girlios was under the weather that day and the next day it was another. Then there was another. And currently it's my husband. We are super fun. For the first time in three years, my husband and I missed a show at the theater. Thankfully, there was some good playoff football on.

I was feeling better for my run on Thursday. It was another night run, and I loved catching up with my running friends. The weather was rainy at first and got milder. We did a few more miles just for fun. It was that kind of night.

On Friday I got a chance to catch up with even more people from the running club at Cheryl's surprise party. It was a really nice time out especially when the crud was going through the house. A good number of people from the party were at the run in the morning. Saturday was about 50 degrees. PseudoSpring with sunny skies. I ran six miles with my friends, had hot cocoa and a bagel, drove home, gave my husband coffee, changed jackets and headed out for another run. I mentally planned for four miles. However, it was so lovely I just kept running. The last mile was tough, and I was ready to be finished. I ended up running eight miles post bagel! I thought I had been a slacker all week. Not on Saturday.

I'm working on organizing my house. I'm terrible at it. Large spacial organization is a weakness for me. My notes and homework are beautiful. My husband and daughter are really good at organizing. Two of the places in the house where I can do yoga are filled with stuff to clean up/organize. I put on my yoga pants three times this week with every intention of cleaning up and then doing yoga. Never happened. Especially with the family illness. At least I was comfortable for most of the week. I'll try again tomorrow.


  1. Awesome run on Saturday!

    I do hope everyone feels better this week!

    1. Thanks! On Saturday I did watch the sun go away and the clouds roll in. So far so good with this week - but it is only Monday. And I've made a huge mess, but no space for yoga yet :)