Sunday, February 12, 2012

Two Runs for Sherry Arnold

Saturday was the Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold, the fellow mother runner and teacher that went for a morning run and never came home. The running community wanted to give her a fitting memorial, a run. Another Mother Runner encouraged runners to do three things: Run in Sherry's honor. Donate for her family. Reflect on what you have - your family, friend and the ability to run.

On Friday night snow came to our area. Our running club had a run scheduled on Saturday morning and a youth baseball team pancake breakfast afterward. It was fun the previous year. I had volunteered to make the bibs for Sherry's Run. With the help of Office Max, they were done and ready to go. However, it got cold in Chicago on Friday night. Bitter cold. Through a flurry of texts on Friday night, several of us backed down from running on Saturday morning. Even I didn't want to run outside. I was disappointed, but with the aches and pains I've been having, running in the deep freeze didn't seem like a good idea. I had made arrangements to run on a local indoor track. T-shirt and capris sounded good to me.

The family slept in on Saturday. I had one of those sleep headaches from too much sleep rather than not enough sleep. It was something to savor, and made me think of Sherry. The family headed down to the pancake breakfast together. It wasn't all Leave It To Beaver. My youngest cried from the moment she got her pancakes, but I love that we get those times together. My oldest had to lay down she's eaten so much so fast. And my middle was a bottomless pit, eating more than my husband. They loved looking at the ambulance and the rescue boat. Family time. Relishing what I have.

The running club was there, many braving the cold. It was a sunny day, and until the wind picked up it looked perfect. I felt guilty for no getting my run in already. I had to keep an eye on my pancake count. The club did have a chance to take a picture with their bibs. Thank you GRC.

In the afternoon I ran with several other ladies from the running club on the indoor track. Originally we thought it was going to be 12 times around for a mile. No, 14. I didn't really have a plan. I thought I would max out at 10 miles. Just run. Run for Sherry. Run with Chris. Enjoy the run. Watch the hip. Feel it out.

Chris, Me & Meechi
I got a chance to learn more about Chris's story. She got to hear me gripe. I'd rather be running and chatting than eating and chatting or out and chatting any day. Chris stopped at 100 laps and I figured I could pull out 40 more. My IT band on the other side was bothering me a bit, but I pressed on. Chris stayed around to cool down, stretch and have her recovery drink. She didn't have to stay but I'm so glad she did. The last 20 laps were getting repetitive. Chris joined me for the last two. 140 laps (10 miles) for Sherry Arnold.

After 140 laps
My legs hurt in weird places from going around the oval over and over again. Yes, I ran in circles. I stretched when I got home. I iced at night. This morning there were definitely some kinks.

I'm not a fan of the wrinkle run. I'm a fan of the sit around and recover. Today, in the sunshine, I decided to run alone for Sherry outside. It was warmer. I worried about my body, but in the spirit of her run, I put in a few miles. The first two were fine, but the last mile was rough. Things tightened. I tried to adjust my gait. When the Garmin hit 3.1, I was done. As I came home to my adoring fans, who do still yell "Mommy!" when I walk in the door, I remember how blessed I am. I've foam rolled and iced. Tomorrow, I'll be sore. But I can run, so I did.

Rest in peace Sherry Arnold. From one mother teacher runner to another.


  1. So happy you got two runs in for Sherry :)

    Chris is amazing. I love running with her. And 140 laps? How did you keep track?

    My husband gets those sleep headaches too!

  2. There's a lap counter on my watch. I didn't know about it until Chris showed me on her watch. I just kept hitting the button after going past the benches. I'm so glad it was there because I lose count after 3!

    A tall glass of water really helps those headaches for me. I'm so dehydrated after sleeping too long.