Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Rhythm is Off!

I'm trying to squeeze a post in during Wild Kratts.

My life rhythm is off. I'm having a hard time managing time. It makes me cranky, nervous and tired. I know I just posted a blog about my irrational fears and now I'm saying I am cranky and nervous. I sound like a basket case. I love that on a run, my mind clears.

There was an awesome article "The Painful Truth" in Runners World that really spoke to my fear of injury. Thank you Marc Parent for saying how I was feeling so much more clearly. And for making the next step to not be worried about every little bump or sprain in the road. It was perfectly timed. I love his quote "It gets better. You don't stay hurt forever. Bodies heal. Three Voices of Truth." I've even done some speed work since then. And I didn't break. I found some new sore spots, but oh well.

Today I took the girls out in the double jogging stroller. We looked like a big grape. Everybody was in purple. I love it when people look sort of wide eyed. It was sunny and just above freezing. We put in 4 miles stopping halfway to do those fitness walk activities that I'm pretty sure no one does. We did them, but not correctly. There was lots of jumping and swinging. Pushing 60+ extra pounds did change which muscles I used so I'll have to see tomorrow what gives. Or doesn't give.

So my life is full at the moment. To add to my already full plate I've take on teaching an after school literacy program two days a week. Today we add on gymnastics for my two little ones. I'm so happy it's at the same time. My first calculus test is tomorrow. I do love the class, and the teacher is amazing. However, my brain shuts down at about 8:30, and the class ends at 9:20. You do the math. This with working, tutoring, teaching, homeschooling, and planning our church's women's retreat, I'm spent. Running is getting squeezed out, and it's making me crazier. I need my run!

I signed up for my 4th marathon, Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Mn on June 16th. I'm looking forward to it but training starts next week. I think. I'll also be running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May with my stepsister, her husband and my step mom. The race is between my last calc exam and the final. It might be a good way to blow off steam.

Anyway, the pot stickers are done, and I have to make everybody a green smoothie before gymnastics. I'm on the run...


  1. what kind of training program are you using for Grandmas? I'm trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing this time around....

  2. I've found a shorter training plan - 13 weeks - which peaks at 31 miles per week, but it has speed work twice a week. I may do that. I may also take a full week off before I start, fresh.