Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Mom, can I have cuddle time?"

I got up early this morning, and there were things on my mind. When things weight heavily, I don't sleep well, and it is just easier to get up and get on with it. I had fallen behind on a few things. The list was growing and registration for grad classes where seats are very competitive started today.

When I walk down the stairs in the morning, I am keenly aware that this is not only my home, but it is also where I work. I can't really escape it. Since I consider myself a poor homemaker, I often feel the burden to organize and tidy without the real motivation. This morning I felt some motivation, and I wanted to run with it. I was in task mode.

Unfortunately, my girlios got an early morning wake-up call too. Getting things done early was slow. I wanted to move from task to task trying to check off 'to do' items. The girlios didn't get the same agenda or the same motivation. My frustration was mounting. It wasn't going the way I had hoped.

My littlest began getting clingy, holding on to my leg. Quietly, she said, "Mom, can I have cuddle time?" I looked around my cluttered house. I could see everything that had to get done. Surrounded by a 'to do' list. I live where I work. I work where I live. "Mom, when is cuddle time?"

It's now.


The urgent was done. The rest can wait. I surrender my list. I live here. This is my most important work.


  1. you are a GOOD mama to those girlios. Cuddle time trumps all :)

    And who can resist cuddle time with I anyway? not this girl...

    1. Thank you. Cuddle time does trump all, even a cranky mama.

  2. I Love you. I love this blog. Can we cuddle soon?

    1. Thanks Katie. How about the first week in April? Dairy is not invited.

  3. I just read this at work where it's not quite appropriate to get teary and choked up. So thanks, Riyanti. Thanks a lot.