Monday, March 10, 2014

10 things I didn't miss about not running this winter

Tomorrow I get to take my running gear to PT and run my first mile since Jan 1. I am so excited. Yesterday, I went to the store with my lists from the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and tried on neutral shoes with my new inserts. I found a New Balance pair I like. Shh. Don't tell my Asics. The weather is beautiful here today, and I'm ready to go.

Since it looks like Spring will actually come I thought I would run down the list of 10 things I didn't miss about being sidelined this winter.

1. Getting out of my warm bed. My bed and I have been very friendly this winter. It has been there for me in my grief. Love my bed.

2. Getting ready in the dark. After getting out of a warm bed, trying to get my clothes together for the right temperature because I didn't plan properly and trying to be quiet all in the dark is a bummer.

3. Running in the dark. Headlights are cool for a while, but I long for the sun. I love watching the sunrise on a morning run. That doesn't really happen in the winter at the times I can run.

4. The first 15 minutes of winter running. It's cold out there. I always give myself 15 minutes in the winter to warm up. Run at least 15 minutes. I normally run longer, but the first 15 minutes have been awful at times.

5Doing cold weather laundry. There is a lot of cold weather running clothes, and since they are all soaked there is a lot of laundry to do if I run about three times a week. Those clothes have to be cleaned fast too. They are stinky.

6. Coming back from my run and making a meal in my dirty running clothes before I shower. This happens more than I'd like to admit. I fit in my running before my husband goes to work or after he gets home before dinner. Since I am the meal planner, I often am cooking while "cooling down." Less than ideal, but got the run in.

7. My hands turning white and being so painful after my run. It's a circulation problem. I get that. Trying to figure out the right gloves and keeping my hands at the right temperature has been a constant winter struggle.

8. Overeating the calories I just burned. A few years ago when I did Weight Watchers between girlios, I realized that I had to run for 30 minutes to burn off two Girl Scout cookies. After running, I become a ravenous beast. Granted, I feel like my bum has expanded with the winter, but I have also been more aware of calories in and calories out.

9. Drinking really cold water on my run. Brain freeze. I drink room temperature water on a daily basis. Super brain freeze.

10. Sweaty hair-sicles. It's my signature winter running look. I produce sweat. It drips down my hair. It freezes. Eeww.

Honestly, this list was hard to come up with. There are so many more things I miss about running, even winter running, that I can't wait. I don't run for speed or distance. I run because I love it. It makes me feel strong and healthy. And it takes me outside. Wish me luck tomorrow.

To many more miles...
New Shoes!

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  1. CAN'T WAIT to hear all about your run tomorrow! You'll be on the starting from scratch bandwagon with me. And we can run TOGETHER! :)