Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Insanity Log: Day 2

Life is insane in the holidays so why not do the Insanity workout at the same time. I may not write about all the days, but I am writing to keep myself accountable to do all 60 days of the workout. I'd love encouragement. Feel free to ignore the posts too. Or enjoy my quips and whines while drinking coffee on the couch. I will sweat for you. If I break or tear something, I'm out.

I work part time, and I work a couple of jobs. As my days in December seem to be playing out, I am working every day except two in the next 19. Poor planning and insanity. I need an outlet, endorphins and a routine.

I picked up the Insanity workout from my local online garage sale. We have p90x, and I like it in the winter months, but the workouts can be long. Insanity workouts are shorter (and harder). So here is how it is going so far...

Day 1: Fit test. A bunch of different exercises for a minute. DVD is 25 minutes long. Conclusion: I am not Insanity fit. Is it bad to be sore from the fitness test? This is going to be a long 60 days.

Day 2: Was sore getting out of bed from fitness test. First workout is 40 minutes long. Went to the bathroom twice during the workout and drank half a gallon of water. Sweat like a boss. Jumping in workout emphasizes my jiggly butt and jiggly thighs. Bummer. I did need that information currently. Had to rest a lot, especially near the end. Loved all the stretching in the middle. Need to find my heart rate monitor for tomorrow. No joke. Was sore an hour after the workout. It's going to be a long sore day. Coffee..coffee...where are you?

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