Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking Forward & Looking Back

So it's January 2nd and there's finally a dusting of snow on the ground here in Chicago. It's supposed to get warmer in a few days and all melt away. I'm okay with that. In fact, I think this was the best winter I could have picked to do a half marathon in January. Twelve days to go and I've done my 12 miler. I'm as ready as I could be.

Today we are taking down the Christmas tree and doing some overall needed cleaning. My husband found the silver tea set my grandmother who has since passed gave us for our wedding 11 years ago and is putting it in our hutch. It's the time of year for reflection, memories, and planning.

I stink at resolutions.

I love to plan. It can keep me up at night, for good and bad. The racing year is planned out already. Even I'm surprised. The Chicago Polar Dash Half Marathon in January. The Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May. I had originally resolved that I would only do one marathon this year. I think that resolution has already been broken. I was easily talked into another when details came together. My husband who has only been able to see my first marathon, the inaugural Fox Valley Marathon, said that he'd like to be able to go too. He was working during last year's Pittsburgh Marathon and took the girls to a birthday party during the Milwaukee Marathon.

My husband and his girl boots

Did I mention he's awesome? He is. He's so supportive and encouraging. I began looking for marathons during his time off when he's not coaching. He coaches both cross country and track, during prime running/racing season. Grandma's Marathon, which I'll sign up for this week, in Duluth Mn in June and the Philadelphia Marathon in November are on the docket right now. Things change. It is only January 2nd!

Those are the big races for the year. There will probably be shorter runs, a turkey trot and hopefully a trail race. I had a great time on the trail races this year. My quads may disagree, but I loved it.

I've set a mileage goal for the year. 1000 miles. I'm fairly sure I ran that far this past year, but I didn't keep track. I'm on day two of the year with a mileage of zero. I've still got 363 days to go. I've made some cloudier resolutions to do weight training and yoga more regularly. I'd like my eating to be better too. I have a feeling those will ebb and flow. I don't feel I can make a commitment because I'll be sad that I didn't follow through.

This past running year has been amazing. I ran the two marathons, two half marathons, two 10 Ks and two 5Ks. I think. I am blessed to have very little injuries. I did injure myself in the Milwaukee Marathon using the portapotty, but that's another story. I find my happy pace and listen to my body. When I'm cranky because I'm tired, I rest. When I'm cranky because I haven't run, my husband boots my booty out the door to run. I've enjoyed so much finding people at my pace in my running club, Grayslake Running Club. My underlying goal is always to enjoy the run. This past year has been filled with running joy. I can only pray that 2012 is filled with more of the same.

Blessings, peace, health and joy to you this year!

Me, Thing 1 and Thing 2


  1. You are doing Grandma's??? WAHOOO! You just made my day :)

  2. And Carrie too! You sold us on it :)

  3. So excited! Oh, and I just realized that today's blog post has nearly the same title that yours does. Not trying to steal I promise :)