Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Recap of 2014 and Ready for 2015

Let's take a look at last year. After finishing the Naperville Marathon in November 2013, my right foot started hurting on runs. It got to the point where I actually went to the doctor in January, where my car also died on a major road on the way home, and it was -20 degrees out. Sweet. The doctor gave me the okay to run the Frozen Gnome 10k but I chose a DNS (Did Not Start) as my foot HURT. The doctor sent me to the podiatrist who made me snazzy orthotics, told me my calves were too tight and sent me to the physical therapist. I went through PT for months starting with picking up marbles with my toes which KILLED. I had neglected so many of my small muscles and tendons, and they were upset about it.

2 out of 3 DNS shirts. I think I may have thrown the other one out. Sad.
Meanwhile, we were matched with a beautiful boy from China who was younger than the ages included in our home study. So we filed an amendment on our home study to include his age and waited for the state to get its paperwork back. And we waited. And we waited. And I fretted. And we waited. China got our stuff together, and we still waited for the paperwork from the state.

My poor PT, who was fabulous, heard all about it, but he didn't hear about when the paperwork came. He said running the Wisconsin Half Marathon was not a good idea. Another DNS. I would show you a picture of that shirt, but I can't even find it. I did find the $20 deferment from last year. I'm already signed up for this year. He said I could do a Fall half marathon if I was very very careful in my training. I was doing ankle, core and hip exercises regularly. Basically, he said the whole body needed to be strengthened. My calves were tight and doing all the work.

Love that they do this if you can't run. Love it.
I did do the Esprit De She Naperville Triathlon again as an ambassador. I love that race. It's a full body exercise, and EDS puts on a great all women event. As slow of a runner as I am, I feel great running and actually passing people in the run. Nobody sees me crying in the swim. I'm an ambassador again this year on June 14. If you sign up too use code EDS033 to use me as a reference.

I also ran the Antioch Run for Freedom 5k. My parents and family friends run it too. My dad didn't medal this year because there were 4 men in the over 70 category and he was the 4th.

In other areas, I taught some lovely hard working students this year. I finished my first class in my MSM program, and my head spun. I love math, and I find it so interesting, but I can also feel inadequate. Getting over myself is a full time job.

No running medals this year, but cute shirts. 
In July, I said goodbye to my Seamus dog. Great sadness. In August, our paperwork got speed routed, and we had 13 days to get our act together to travel. THIRTEEN DAYS. I freaked out like it was my job. I ran 8 miles with Bobbi as my longest run of the year before heading out to China. To read more about our adoption read the current 5 part series here. God was so good to us. He is still good to us.

My Seamus dog
After coming home I decided to take another DNS for the Prairie State Half Marathon. Do you see a trend here? DNSs are sad. Don't get me wrong. I am glad I can still run, and that I am being body wise, but I still grieve the DNS. This year I stopped recording my miles on Dailymile. I even forgot my password. A hard fitness year. Let's call it a rebuilding year, because it was.

In an effort to keep my sanity, my fitness and my run, I joined my local Jazzercise. I love it, and my whole body loves it too. I'm stronger, and I know my weaknesses. And it's fun. My elder girlios come too - voluntarily. After a few weeks of Jazzercise, I ran the Kenosha Mayor Turkey Day 10k. I didn't come in last, and my foot didn't hurt. I win. As it has gotten colder, it has been fun to workout inside. I have to tell you that the people in class are inspirational. All different shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness doing something positive for their health. That's so good. The instructors are fabulous too.

Melanie teaches, encourages and makes Jazzercise look easy.
My sweaty self says, "It's not."
So there. What do I expect from this year? I resolve to thrive. That's my word for the year. I've seen it in my son. I want to see it in me. I may not run a marathon this year, but I want to feel strong. To make choices and create habits that encourage development. I'd rather not break anything again. I want to be strong mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. To grow vigorously and flourish. To THRIVE.

Thriving, like this guy.
See what I did there. I didn't make any measurable yearlong goals. Nope. Little goals. Little successes. A year full of wins.


  1. here's to a year full of wins! perfect...

  2. Why didn't I realize you were an Espirit de She ambassador? Cool! That sounds like a fun race!

    Hope you have a great year! You will thrive!!!

  3. Great Post! You have the perfect attitude! You will succeed!